Where Raven Croons

My very first work of photography, I took this with Nikon D3100 and used Dynamic Light App on my iPhone for this watermark and its outcome.. A playground that stood empty and still
And yet is filled with noises of memories
A memories of children’s laughter
A distinct sound of cries
For the knees was scraped, and
Mothers soothed the cries
Kissed boo-boo away

A sound of swing
Creaking softly
To the memories
Of Children swinging
And singing a song

There stood a empty playground
Waiting to be filled once more, and
Once again to be heard with
Songs of children

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Miyukj ~ Prisoner ~

Vi hổ tác trành ( 为虎作伥 )

(Làm ma cho hổ)

Tác giả: Nhâm Tiểu Ngũ ( 任小五)

Convert: QT

Edit: Miyukj

Một thư sinh mặc chiếc bố sam màu xanh cũ nát gian nan đi xuyên qua rừng núi, khuôn mặt bị nhánh cây ngổn ngang cào thương, quần áo rách tươm, hết thảy đều cho thấy sự chật vật của thư sinh.

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Arizona Life Through My Lens

It hit me this morning that while I have stuck with my promise to myself to post at least one photo per day with the whole starting the new blog here with WordPress,  I’ve only posted one photo of a person here.  I don’t go out of my way to shot photo’s of people in general.  I have managed over the years to capture some great random photo’s of people while out at different events that I have been at.  I of course point the camera at my kids and take lots of photo’s, but other people tend to be off-limits.  Unless of course I’m asked too, and then I always make sure that I get something in writing about the fact that I can the image for things like my blog.  Something that has grown for me in the last couple of years it being asked, dare I say…

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Nice post!


Well ok, maybe not birth, but certainly since I was a ‘tween’.  We didn’t even have the word ‘tween’ back then.  But those were the days I was into Dungeons and Dragons, and after I rode my deinonychus home from school, I liked to paint lead miniatures of trolls,  unicorns, dragons, hydras, and chimeras.  This, is the plywood board I painted them on — so as to avoid painting the card table that my mom had so carefully contact papered in ochre, umber, and burnt orange some years before.

One day I painted the board.  I probably didn’t have any more miniatures to paint and insufficient allowance left to buy more, or maybe the “D&D store” only had the really lame ones left.  I had not yet ever heard the term “abstract painting”, or likely the word ‘abstract’ in any context, but that’s what I painted:

And of…

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Frustration Jokes In Excess Of Yahoo Password Hack Laptop Batteries

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