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Well ok, maybe not birth, but certainly since I was a ‘tween’.  We didn’t even have the word ‘tween’ back then.  But those were the days I was into Dungeons and Dragons, and after I rode my deinonychus home from school, I liked to paint lead miniatures of trolls,  unicorns, dragons, hydras, and chimeras.  This, is the plywood board I painted them on — so as to avoid painting the card table that my mom had so carefully contact papered in ochre, umber, and burnt orange some years before.

One day I painted the board.  I probably didn’t have any more miniatures to paint and insufficient allowance left to buy more, or maybe the “D&D store” only had the really lame ones left.  I had not yet ever heard the term “abstract painting”, or likely the word ‘abstract’ in any context, but that’s what I painted:

And of…

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